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Patriot Aviation’s aircraft charter partner, Miller Aviation, provides 24/7 on-demand charter service to meet your needs! You can travel in style--without the hassle of connecting flights and busy TSA lines. Even with as little as thirty (30) minutes notice we can be airborne to take you, your family, or your cargo wherever you need to go! 

Private Charter

Private Flights


Take your family on a great vacation, or fly to New York City for a business trip! Miller Aviation can handle it all. Forget the airlines, you can fly out of Fort Wayne International Airport, or any private airport near you! Fly with us and enjoy the benefits of private aircraft charter. We can carry up to five (5) passengers on each flight!

Fly with Freedom!

→ We work around your schedule! You are never late for your flight! Your private aircraft will never leave without you on board!

→ No TSA waiting for your domestic travel. Walk into the airport and directly to your private aircraft. No hassle -- that’s what we’re all about.

→ We are fast. You can call us and be in the air within the hour!

→ Never Lose your luggage again! You can bring golf clubs, larger bags, and your high-value items knowing that they will never get lost in the hassle of commercial airlines.

→ Need a rental car at your destination? We can set it up for you so you can focus on what’s important.

→ Want to bring your pet along for the ride? No problem, just give us a call and we will help and your pet to travel in style!

→ We can cater food for the flight, or you can take advantage of our bottled beverages and snacks.

Travel times from Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA)

Save time driving to your business meeting, or your weekend vacation. With private charter, we can get you to these major cities with ease!


These approximate prices are for a single day, round trip, such as a business meeting. If you’d like to have a custom quote for a multi-day flight or a unique request, we can certainly accommodate for additional cost. As with any flight, things such as weather, diversions, travel changes, and a few other factors can affect both cost and flight time. We are committed to be upfront about any changes, to allow you peace-of-mind as we consistently provide you with the charter service our customers have come to expect.

Chicago or Detroit - $1,999.00 - 1 hr

Fly from Fort Wayne to ORD or DTW in just under an hour!

Milwaukee or Louisville $2,099.00 - 1 hr

Fly from Fort Wayne area to MKE or LOU in only an hour!


New York City - $4,899.00 - 3hrs

Fort Wayne Area to New York City in as little as three hours!


Atlanta - $4,399.00 - 2.5hrs

Fly from FWA to ATL in as little as two and a half hours!


Nashville - $3,199.00 - 1.75hrs

Fly from FWA to Nashville, TN (BNA) in under two hours!


St. Louis - $2,999.00 - 1.75hrs

Fly from FWA to St. Louis Lambert, or Downtown in under two hours!



If you have last-minute demands for your business cargo needs, we are here to help! Our Part 135 aircraft charter allows us to meet your cargo requirements quickly and effectively. We can carry up to 900 pounds of Cargo on each flight. If you have precious materials, urgent parts to deliver for your manufacturing facility, or just want to avoid the hassle of the large-scale commercial cargo shipping operations, we can easily streamline your cargo needs.

AOG Services

AOG Service

One of our most common requests is to provide expedited Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) services allowing aircraft parts and mechanics to be airborne ASAP! If you have an urgent AOG need, we are available 24 hours a day, all year long. We have been specializing in AOG services for decades, so you can have confidence that your fly-in engineers and aircraft parts will arrive on time every time.


Reference items for your AOG situation

→ Up to 900 pounds of cargo capacity

→ Large nose baggage compartment to extra cargo

→ Can be airborne in as little as 30 minutes!

Charter Aircraft

Charter Aircraft

N6209X - Cessna 310R

→ 5 passenger seating

→ Great interior space

→ 900lb approximate loading capacity (cargo, passengers, baggage)

→ LOTS of room for baggage

→ Certified for Flight into Known Icing (FIKI)

→ 3-axis Autopilot

Request a Quote

Request a Quote
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