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Who We Are

Who We Are

Patriot Aviation began in 2011 and is contracted by the City of Huntington to manage the airport and grow the aviation community in our great city. We have quickly grown into a full-service FBO offering private aircraft charter, FBO services, hangar rentals and flight training in North-East Indiana.

Whether you want to learn how to fly or need professional aviation services, we are the right team for the job.  Safety, Professionalism, and Integrity are our core values and we will strive to exceed your expectations.

Sister Company

Patriot Aviation is proud to stand behind the quality and durability of our sister company, Patriot Ag-Air. Patriot Ag-Air has been providing quality agricultural services to Fort Wayne and surrounding areas with a wide variety of capabilities.

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We are headquartered at the Huntington Municipal Airport (KHHG) in Huntington, Indiana just five minutes away from the Fort Wayne International Airport (KFWA). Our proximity to many other municipal airports puts us in an ideal position to be your provider for many aviation needs across the midwest and beyond!


Here’s a quick-list of a few airports very near to our home base of Huntington Municipal Airport (KHHG):

  1. (KFWA) Fort Wayne International Airport

  2. (KSMD) Smith Field Airport

  3. (KIWH) Wabash Municipal Airport

  4. (KASW) Warsaw Municipal Airport

  5. (KGWB) Auburn, DeKalb County Airport

  6. (KMZZ) Marion Municipal Airport

  7. (KOKK) Kokomo Municipal Airport

  8. (KPLD) Portland Municipal Airport


Huntington Airfield Description

  1. ​Runway 9-27 is a 5003' x 75' grooved asphalt runway in good condition

  2. ​Elevation - 806 feet above sea level

  3. ​CTAF - 122.8

  4. AWOS - 126.57

  5. ​Fort Wayne Approach - 127.2 (260-479-6571 for clearance)

  6. ​24-hour self-serve 100LL and Jet-A

  7. ​Very large ramp for easy access to parking and tie downs



Miller Aviation goes above and beyond to enforce proper training, knowledge, and procedures are used to ensure the safety of your flight from runway to runway. Our aircraft charter operations follow the guidelines of the Federal Aviation Administration FAA Part 135 regulations. Our aircraft are maintained with documentation and regulation at a much higher standard than general aviation. Our pilots are undergoing intensive testing every six months. We also require that our pilots are accountable and properly rested to be ready for each of your adventures with Miller Aviation. Our aircraft have state-of-the-art GPS navigation systems, as well as 3-axis autopilots to ensure that you get to your destination safely - every time.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team
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